The "surrogate capital" Ukraine: All economic packages have been sold out

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In 2016, 31-year-old Xi'an Liu Peng sold a house at home, raised more than one million yuan, and found a good agent to prepare for surrogacy in the United States. Before departure, he did not intend to discover that Ukraine could also legally surrogate, and the price was particularly cheap. He was tempted, "Let's go and see, the big deal is spending a ticket back and forth."

The mother did not rest assured to accompany him to the inspection. After a flight of more than ten hours, the mother and son arrived in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, and found that it had become the "surrogate capital." The entire hotel is looking for surrogacy from all over the world, Europe, America and Australia. At that time, the Chinese were still very few.

Liu Peng feels that this matter is reliable and he will immediately choose a surrogate VIP package in the hospital for 49,900 euros.

One year later, the son was born. Liu Peng met three pairs of Chinese couples with their children to handle the formalities when he went to the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine to do a travel certificate for his son. In just one year, more Chinese who are planning to start surrogacy procedures are waiting in the hospital.

01 Cabbage Price, VIP Service

The 4.99-million-euro package is the highest level in Ukrainian hospitals. It includes not only the full costs of sperm extraction, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, and production, but also the accommodation, transportation and food costs of Liu Peng and his relatives and friends in Kiev. As long as the customer agrees to use egg donation, this is a successful package, that is, no matter how many attempts are made, the final hospital will surely allow you to return to your health-care child.

As a VIP customer, from the plane's landing at Kiev Airport, the hospital will send a special car and a full-time driver responsible for their entire journey in Kiev, from medical treatment to excursions. They are arranged to live in a 100 to 150-square-foot suite in the city center. There are full-time nannies who are responsible for eating and drinking from 9 to 18 daily. If they think that the nanny's meal is not suitable for the taste, the hospital can also give 1200 hryvnia daily meals (about 293 yuan), with this money, customers can go to any restaurant in Kiev - Ukrainians average monthly salary only Thousands of hryvnia.

After the child is born, the hospital will also arrange a full-time nanny to take care of the children from 9 to 18 every day. An English-speaking pediatrician will provide services 24 hours a day. Weekly pediatricians come to check up.

After listening to the introduction, Liu Peng did not hesitate to choose this package, because it can also choose the child's gender, and "expensive, the hospital will also pay attention to it, this money is equivalent to less than 400,000 yuan, but the United States surrogate A fraction of the cost."

At the age of 30, Liu Peng especially wanted a child. Since Thailand introduced a law prohibiting surrogacy for foreigners in 2015, he has turned his eyes on the United States. "It must be a legitimate country. If it is not legal, one can imagine how many tricks there are."

He estimated that a surrogacy in the United States would cost between 1.2 million and 1.5 million. For him, it must be a success, and more, he can't afford it, but no one can guarantee it. “Like I met a big sister in Ukraine, she did not do it four times in the United States. Once you don’t make money again, it’s a bottomless hole. Unless you’re really very rich, but I think China’s general It's really difficult for mediocre babies to pay for American surrogacy.” Liu Peng rejoiced for his original choice. “And that big sister has succeeded in Ukraine. The technology of IVF is no longer a hi-tech technology. Domestic small clinics are doing , sometimes you have to rely on luck."

In addition, there are two more cheaper packages, which are 29,900 euros in economic packages and 39,900 euros in the standard package, also includes all the costs during surrogacy, but also package success. They also include their accommodation in Kiev, but the area of accommodation has been reduced correspondingly, there is no special car and full-time driver, and only when the medical activities are carried out to and from the hospital, you can request a car transfer. The standard package has a four-hour babysitting service every day, while the economic package does not.

02 Economic Package has been sold out

With the gradual tightening of surrogacy policies in Southeast Asian countries in recent years, besides the United States, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia have become the few countries in the world that allow surrogacy.

According to the Ukrainian Family Law, surrogacy for infertile couples is legal, and the parental status of the child is not related to surrogate mothers and donors of sperm and egg. The Ukrainian Ministry of Health issued Document No. 771 “Regulations on the Use of Assisted Reproductive Technology” on December 23, 2008, which regulates the contracts to be signed.

“These three countries are similar. Their laws are inherited from the Soviet system. The overall style and price are very similar.” Liu Baojun, the chief executive of Global Surrogacy, also began to do business in these countries in the past two years. He also He wanted to invest in a hospital in these places. “Because of the long distances and language barriers, the Chinese have done very little in these places. These two years have only gradually increased. And because the Ukrainian economy is worse, the price It was originally cheaper than Russia, but in the past two years, the Chinese have gone much, and the Ukrainian price has gone up."

This year, a Ukrainian Assisted Reproductive Hospital, Theo's Hospital announced early on that "from 2018 to 2020, all economic packages have been sold out." Other hospitals are similar. Liu Peng thinks that this is in fact a disguised price increase because there are too many Chinese people in the past two years. He heard that a client manager of a hospital can receive 70 to 80 Chinese customers a month. From the second half of last year, he also introduced the surrogate customers to Ukraine. There are now seven to eight.

On September 17, 2017, at the QQ video conference with Chinese customers, Lieutenant Peter Paid was late. He explained that he was busy receiving more than 20 Chinese customers. “The population of China is actually higher than that of Ukraine. Too much". According to data provided by the official website of the Olympics, from 2013 to 2015, the number of Chinese people attending the hospital was stable at around 150, with a slight increase in 2016, reaching 192, and soaring to 572 in 2017. .

In Ukraine, surrogacy is generally determined by the hospital and customers cannot choose. After confirming the surrogate mother, the client can also see the surrogate mother, but the general contact is not much. "I don't have much contact. I have a friend who has frequent contacts with surrogacy mothers, but his surrogate mother always asks him for something, which is annoying," said Liu Peng.

After successful embryo transfer, surrogacy returns to her own home. “In the case of surrogacy, this is a job. Our surrogate mother does not live in the workshop of the factory. They live with their family members.” Li Pied explained, “30 weeks later, they will go to the hospital to provide a centralized housing. Follow all doctor's instructions."

However, according to the BBC report in February this year, some hospitals are not very good for surrogates, and they have not detected the surrogate's physical problems in time to cause complications. In the event of an abortion, some hospitals refused to pay for surrogacy.

Due to the influx of Chinese customers, Ukraine’s surrogacy mother has already been in short supply, and queues have appeared in various packages. In a video, Lipid said that several Spanish and German customers have paid kickbacks to client managers and want to jump in teams to give priority to initiating surrogacy procedures. The result was disqualified.

Liu Peng also found that the surrogacy mother now comes from a farther and farther place. “They were originally in these places in or around Kiev, because at the time we chose the VIP packages. Basically the surrogates were in Kiev, and we were more than comfortable. It was almost two hours away from Kiev to take a train. Nowadays, the surrogates come to the hospital. It takes seven or eight hours to take a train. It is clear that there are fewer and fewer surrogates in Kiev."

03 “You just go to the hospital to open a certificate”

In fact, Liu Peng does not meet the relevant requirements of Ukrainian surrogacy legislation. He is a comrade and he must be a legal husband and wife according to Ukrainian law before he can be surrogate.

When he first came to Ukraine in September 2016, he was not married. After paying the money to the hospital, he finished the contract and returned home. He asked a girl for help. "I just got a permit and I didn't do anything." Then she sent the marriage certificate and the contract signed by the girl to the hospital.

"I don't know if this is a grey zone." Liu Peng heard that he can also find Ukrainians in the area to get married. During the period of surrogate to and from Ukraine, Liu Peng listened to a lot of relevant cases. He heard that at the time of marriage, the lawyers would even help them sign a divorce agreement and cooperate with the party to give up the child custody agreement. After the formalities were completed, surrogacy was started and the children were born. After completing all the formalities, they divorced again. In Ukraine, a fake marriage market has already formed. This market is not due to surrogacy. “A lot of Chinese who are doing business in Ukraine want to stay there. The best way is to find a local woman to marry. When they go there for surrogacy, they can also find the same people."

When he took the children, Liu Peng took the legal wife to Ukraine. Because her mother was not on the court, the children could not leave Ukraine. “Now the government has checked, and the demand is even stricter. When the contract is signed, my mother must also be present.”

In Ukraine's hospital, Liu Peng also witnessed a dispute. A Chinese couple took a child in Ukraine, but before the child was born, the couple divorced. The hospital let the surrogacy mother abortion and the contract was automatically terminated. The Chinese father of the child came to the hospital to make a fuss, but there was no result.

In addition to the marriage certificate, surrogacy in Ukraine, but also need to provide proof of infertility, which is more simple. "If you just go to the hospital to open a certificate on the line, for example, a heart disease is not suitable for pregnancy, Ukraine is to look over there, do not need notarization." Liu Peng said.

Ukraine also requires consigned couples to have no infectious diseases. According to Liu Peng's observations in recent years, it is not absolute. Hepatitis B customers can do some hospitals, and some hospitals can't do it. However, there are no hospitals that suffer from AIDS. According to Liu Peng, this may be because Hepatitis B has a vaccine to fight, but also can wash essence, double insurance.

04 "I don't know if he is my child"

Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Surrogacy has become a source of income for many women.

At the end of 2013, the political turmoil began in Ukraine. The economy has been severely regressed and the currency has depreciated significantly. According to the BBC, Solga Borgmoret, the head of the Ukrainian Parliament’s Health Committee, said that young women’s indulging in surrogacy is “because of the rapid decline in living standards”. She stated that the problem of the Ukrainian surrogacy industry is that it is not standardized and lacks supervision. It may place surrogacy and child's biological parents at risk.

Many surrogate institutions in Ukraine have also exposed some bad insiders—such as unproven embryo exchanges, poor medical conditions, and too many numbers, which prevent doctors from providing adequate medical care. More and more Chinese customers, many funds from the domestic, but also began to enter the field of Ukrainian surrogacy hospitals, and even the figure of the Putian system.

Liu Baojun took over several customers who had a dispute over surrogacy in Ukraine and Russia. "Some of them are left untouched. They may be looking for a small intermediary that does not fly, or it may not be understood by the local people. Compared with the United States, the credibility of these places is still worse."

When he first went to Ukraine, Liu Peng was also looking for a domestic agent. When he got there, his eyes were black. "I was sold to the hospital by that intermediary. I didn't pick it up in Ukraine. I didn't care about introducing me to the hospital." Liu Peng recalled that he didn't understand Russian at all, he signed the contract in a dim way, and what happened? Can only wait for the hospital to inform, "There is no channel for what you want to ask. You can only trust. If you do not trust, you feel that you have been cheated."

This kind of trust is just no way and it has to be believed. Liu Peng's most real feeling is that his rights and interests have no way to be effectively protected. Although he will sign an agreement, although Ukrainian law also makes detailed provisions on surrogacy, “If there is a risk problem, there is no good way. You go to fight a multinational lawsuit. Some parts of Ukraine are more corrupt, lawsuits, especially such transnational lawsuits, The chance of winning is very small."

Liu Peng had a friend who also bought a successful VIP package for egg donation in Ukraine. However, eight embryo transfer attempts have not been successful. "Checked the chromosomes, sperm quality has been checked, no problem. Just my friend must be a boy, the hospital said that every time the quality of the boy's embryo is not as good as the girl, so no success, but no one can tell. In light of this problem, I have encountered two, and one has failed four or five times."

They later felt that the hospital probably did not do it, but simply told them that they had not succeeded. “The hospital is patronizing new customers. Some old customers did not make it twice at a time. The hospital may give you there.” Liu Peng said, “This hospital light Chinese customer seems to go every month. More than 60, which hospital is busy and where do you come from 60 surrogate mothers?"

Liu Peng was shocked at home for a year. The hospital will send him a B-mode bill each month. On July 31, 2017, the child was born and Liu Peng knew it the next day. When he flew to Kiev to see the child, he was even a bit blind: "I don't know whether he is my child or not. I doubt it."

After receiving the child, Liu Peng first contacted him to do paternity test: “The hospital said to us to do a paternity test, but I don’t believe it. The hospital gave me a report. What if I lied to me?”

Ten days later, the result came out, which proved to be Liu Peng’s child. "The feeling at that time was different, and I felt like I had kissed him much better."

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