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The new blockchain application XYCC has gained a lot of attention in Asia. Let us learn more about her.

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When it comes to blockchain, what people often hear is bitcoin, which is the earliest and most mature application of blockchain technology. However, many studies have now separated the blockchain technology. "Blockchain" as a brand-new, distributed consensus underlying technology built on the Internet and multi-terminal nodes, has gradually spread from the professional field to the private sector, and even those unrelated startup companies will share it. When referring to this technology, it seems that in order to prove that he is at the forefront of the era, he must label himself with a blockchain.

The blockchain attracts people's attention to the fact that it is possible to establish a reliable trust between individuals and individuals in the network, so that the process of value transfer removes the interference of mediation, and it not only discloses information but also protects privacy. It also makes joint decisions and protects individual rights and interests. This mechanism improves the efficiency of value interaction and reduces costs.

Nowadays, blockchain technology has been deployed and applied throughout the world. Developed countries such as the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, Canada, and Australia have realized that there is a huge application prospect for blockchain technology in the optimization of public services and social mechanisms. Design blockchain development path. Blockchain can provide systematic support for economic and social transformation and upgrading. The significant advantages of Blockchain+ are the optimization of business processes, the reduction of operating costs, and the enhancement of collaborative efficiency. This advantage has been preliminarily reflected in various fields such as financial services, supply chain management, intellectual property, smart manufacturing, social welfare, education and employment.

It is because of the use of blockchain technology that new methods have been added for assisted reproduction and gene sequencing. At present, assisted reproduction has become the main method for the treatment of infertility in developed countries. In Europe and the United States, the proportion of applications is 70-90%. The proportion of assisted reproduction in Asian countries is also gradually increasing. This percentage has reached 52% since 2015. IUI, ART) This is related to the relatively conservative treatment attitudes in Asian countries. However, compared with other treatments, assisted reproduction has a significant increase in pregnancy rate (which can reach more than 60%), and it can be judged that the ratio of assisted reproduction will gradually increase.

Gene sequencing refers to the sequencing sequence of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) by a sequencing device to interpret the genetic code of DNA and provide guidance for life science research, clinical diagnosis, and treatment. Genes are functional fragments of DNA molecules, the basic unit of genetic information, and the most basic factor determining all biological species. Genetically determined people's death, illness and death are the cause of health, beauty, and longevity. They are the manipulators and regulators of life. The use of genetic data can detect the physical condition of individuals and provide personalized solutions. Because the blockchain technology itself has significant features, its decentralized, distributed database, and other advantages can ensure that all information in each block is recorded, and the recorded content is not tampered with by the consensus, therefore, When conducting genetic data services, we can ensure that each data is used safely and reasonably.

XYCC is an assisted reproductive service platform based on blockchain technology. XYCC Blockchain + Assisted Reproductive Service Platform is focused on technology-driven and focused precision medical services such as assisted reproduction and genetic testing, and is dedicated to assisting the reproductive industry. The development of the gene sequencing industry creates a new environment and creates a comprehensive platform that can provide users with smart medical services. Build a blockchain platform based on the public chain, and also use XYCC digital currency based on Ethereum's smart contract technology as a payment tool to provide convenient payment services for global users. The platform is jointly developed by blockchain experts and genetic experts. Assisted reproduction is based on a novel gene detection technology that can analyze and determine the full sequence of genes from blood or saliva to predict the possibility of suffering from multiple diseases, individual behaviors and Reasonable behavior. Gene sequencing technology can lock individual diseased genes and prevent and treat them in advance. The storage of genetic data requires a more secure and comprehensive service platform. This is the significance of the birth of the “XYCC” blockchain + assisted reproductive service platform.

 "XYCC" blockchain + assisted reproductive service platform has created a new era of genetic map research and application, and has a broad future application value. First, XYCC's contribution to medicine: In IVF, genetic diagnosis, gene therapy and treatment based on genomic knowledge, disease prevention based on genomic information, identification of disease susceptibility genes, lifestyle of risk groups, intervention of environmental factors, etc. Brilliant splendor; Secondly, XYCC's contribution to biotechnology, through analysis of a large number of user data, can be applied to: (1) genetic engineering drugs: secreted proteins (peptide hormones, growth factors, chemokines, coagulation and anticoagulation Factors, etc.) and its receptors (2) Diagnostics and research reagents Industry: Gene and antibody kits, diagnostic and research biochips, disease and screening drug models (3) Promotion of cells, embryos, tissue engineering: Embryos and adults Stem cells, cloning techniques, organ regeneration, etc.

The XYCC Assisted Reproductive Service Platform is a blockchain-based world smart gene database that securely stores personal genetic data from around the world and provides intelligent services. The platform application redefines the gene network spectrum, providing a more convenient, safe, and efficient way for the storage and use of genetic data.

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