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Blockchain technology can accelerate artificial intelligence innovation

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With the development of blockchain technology today, everyone has realized that there is great potential behind it. Whether preparing for Web 3.0 or using blockchain for online interaction, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are all moving in a better direction.

Despite this, there is still a long way to go to lead the world. One of the challenges facing these cutting-edge technologies is their cost, which means that they (especially artificial intelligence) can still be used by a few tech giants and elites.

Where is AI now?

When Sofia robots held an almost perfect interview and outlined the goal of artificial intelligence is to make the world a better place, people around the world are speechless. The power of robotics and machine learning has been pushed into the limelight and the public domain. This may seem a little scary at the moment.

What the business world is doing is to apply artificial intelligence solutions to large enterprises, which are too expensive for smaller entities. Like Sofia’s robots, the vision of going into families and looking after children is still far away.

Artificial intelligence has been using gorgeous techniques to promote. Many companies think that they are using AI technology. In fact, this is just some inflatable martech software. Users must manually compile rules. Real AI applications are very expensive and hard to reach the mainstream.

Blockchain technology can improve the quality of AI

When the artificial intelligence and the blockchain technology sparked sparks, the market has received some tips. The possibilities are endless, but one of the main functions of the blockchain is to improve data quality.

Eric Kovalak, managing partner and CEO of Vellum Capital LLC, said: “People expect the blockchain to make creating and maintaining records more cost-effective. This will enable large AI engines to cost-effectively conduct long-term mining activities. And to make a deeper record of human behavior. It is clear that an artificial intelligence model that contains every meaningful historical event can make history not repeatable, which will shorten all currency and cycle time."

The well-known "garbage in and out" (GIGO) theory, then, is as good as machine learning and data. Blockchain can help verify the quality and legitimacy of the above data. As Sofia told us, "Don't worry, if you're good to me, I'll be fine for you. Think of me as a smart input/output system." In other words, machine learning can learn to be good or bad. And just blockchain technology can eliminate this bad situation.

Make AI easier to access

Sophia's AI protocol was developed by Singularity NET. In fact, she is one of the first examples of their application, but the team behind it wants AI to be more accessible and accelerate its market adoption. The Sofia team collaborated with decentralized artificial intelligence to create an open industry alliance to promote the development of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The decentralized artificial intelligence alliance name is DAIA.

Through DAIA, member organizations can obtain relevant knowledge and guidance on management, discuss best practices, and cooperate with regulations and standards. The goal is to become a cutting-edge company and project incubator focused on distributed AI technology. Current initiatives include investigating how to use machine learning to create network security solutions and how to verify the properties of smart contracts.

Dr. Goertzel of Singulariy Net stated: "DAIA is more than just an industry organization. It is a movement." The clear goal behind the association is to accelerate and democratize artificial intelligence technologies, expressed as a few large technology companies. And the government seizes control and benefits it to a wide range of people.

All new technologies face barriers to large-scale adoption. If you remember the dial-up Internet connection, then you must be aware of how advanced the network is as of today. Blockchains and artificial intelligence will require more time to tighten their conceptual scope to generate more successful practical cases and apply them to the ground.

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