Common knowledge you should know before test-tube baby

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IVF technology is commonly known as in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer technology. Since the success of the first test-tube baby in 1978, after nearly 49 years of rapid development, it has been gradually understood by people and has become the most trusted of many infertility families. Treatment. The success rate has also been steadily increasing, and these have brought great hope to the majority of infertility patients.

Even many patients believe that IVF technology is omnipotent and can help them achieve all their aspirations. This is obviously impossible. For these misunderstandings of infertility patients, we interviewed infertility experts at Wuhan Kangjian Women and Infants Hospital. Dean Aidan also answered these misunderstandings.

How old can a test tube baby be?

Some husbands and wives do not want to have children at the most suitable age because of work, economics, and lifestyle. They hope that they will be IVF in later years. The quality of female eggs is directly related to age. Owing to physiological changes after 30 years of age, ovarian function begins to decline, and the quality of eggs decreases. Whether it is natural pregnancy or test-tube baby, the success rate after 35 years old. All will fall, so it is recommended that the majority of child-bearing age couples should be pregnant as soon as conditions permit. Even if there is a problem of infertility, early treatment can be made in time.

2, do test-tube baby can choose gender?

Many infertility patients will ask for the gender of the baby during the hospitalization process. Normally, the IVF hospital cannot perform sex selection. Many years of childbirth data at the Center show that the ratio of males to females is almost 1:1, so IVF technology must not be used to gender selection.

3. Do test-tube baby damage the female body?

When referring to test-tube babies, many people think that the number of women's eggs is limited, but in the process of egg-pulling test-tube babies, one or more eggs need to be removed at one time, and the women's eggs will be used up beforehand. , thereby damaging the female body. In fact, women will have many follicles in each ovulation cycle. Ovulation stimulation technology is to mature mature eggs that are not mature in nature. Occasionally, one or two ovulation induction treatments generally do not harm the female's body.

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